Why blues?

Music is a sensation. It can change your mood, transform your feelings, bring you to another dimension. It is a drug. You can get addicted. You can feel an incredible power throughout your body. For a musician, the pleasure of a live performance can become an experience equal even to the excitement of a sexual act.

For its one there is a specific style of music that express him the most: classical, disco, rock, metal etc. For me this is the blues. It is the only style of music, where my brain stops and unconsciously studies the song meticulously, which ultimately creates me the need to reproduce it in my own way.

It is like a ceremony. I imagine the musicians on stage, doing their final adjustments while their amplifiers are noising…I listen to the bass player, the drummer…to everyone, even to the comments that sometimes are said: “Come on buddies…let’s have some boogie-boogie”.

Because for the musician, the way that he perceives music, differs. He pays attention to the small details that make the difference among the songs. He perceives a song as a creation. He wonders what would had he played, if he was the bass player, the guitarist, the harp player. During the song he distinguishes the clever, simple, fantastic or even miserable ideas. He does not see a song as part of a “compact disc” but as a creation, where a team of artists contributed for the final “sculpture”.

In my country, Greece, “blues” are not so popular. Actually, they are not at all popular. “Blueswire” is the most important blues group, with a competitive discography and a dynamic core of a great bass player, Sotiris Zissis and an impressive and very inventive guitar player, Elias Zaikos (www.blueswire.gr). When I heard them for the first time in Crete, I realized how a blues performance can be transformed in a fantastic show. I was drinking slowly my beer when suddenly, their slide guitar player, George “Badouk” Apostolakis, got off the stage and started playing with anything you can imagine! He used a lighter, glasses, bottles even a helmet! I was shocked…That was the best blues show I have ever seen!


Blueswire at Heraclion, Crete by “Mannish Boy” Mihalis

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