In this page I will upload slowly but steadily some recordings.

Driftin’ with Flo (drums)  and Alex (piano):


-Just 12 bar…


-Funky part 1

-Dark blues

-Funky part 2

-Slow blues

If you would like to jam with me ”digitally” I can email you a recording in the form that you need ”mp3, wav,garageband file” in order to add your own part (vocals, piano, sax etc…) Here are some ideas…

-Prostate Blues (dedicated to Mike ”Manish Boy”)

-Stop playing

-Sweet home

-Blues for Paris


-Make it funky

5 Responses to “Recordings”

  1. Keep up the blues work Georgie!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!

  2. Dude, it totally rocked me up!!! And I’ve just returned from a “White Ribbon” screening so this is great stuff! Keep bluesing blueboy… 😉


  3. Wow Doc…nice stuff!!

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