My first group!

In University, I was desperately seeking for someone to jam with. You know, I had played with another guitarist, but I never had the experience to play blues with a real group…Well, I searched the whole university of Crete. It was not until the 3rd year of my studies that a met the guys that would make me feel like a blues guitarist…

I still remember when Jason (vocals) called me and said: “Hey pal, I heard that you are looking for a singer…I’ m interested to join you”. I was so excited that I could not even study for the exam that I was taking in a few days…Yes, I know It sounds crazy, but I wanted so much to create a group after so many years of playing alone!

Soon, I found and the rest guys of my new group…Mitsos (guitar), Aggelos (piano), Mixalis and then Lazaros (drums) and last but not at all least, Giorgos (bass). He was another story…cause the way that I met him is so funny.
I was at my university’s restaurant where I saw 2 guys with black clothes and long hair, looking like metal-rock funs. It was the period that I was looking for a bass player in order to participate with my new group in a rock concert against drug abuse. I did not know that guys, but I was sure that these buddies either played music or knew someone that did. So I had the courage to introduce myself and just ask them: You know guys, I ‘m looking for a bass player, do you know anyone? The whole setting was so weird cause they had never met me before…so they looked at me a little bit embarrassed and then they said: “Well, buddy, I know one guy that is a good bass player, he is now in Athens for a concert. I’ll give you his number. They suggested me Giorgos, gave me his cell phone number and I just called him…I will not forget that I had changed the way I was speaking in order to look “more underground”! He was in a ship. Well, he loved the whole idea and decided to come and play with us! Thanks God he did, cause he was the one that organized our group!

I remember like yesterday our first performance! We were playing in a concert organized by students, where local groups presented their work. We did not play blues…but hard rock! But if you put a guitarist like me in a rock group then you cannot expect nothing else except a “blues like” performance…I transformed all of the rock solos in little blues journeys…The singer was trying to make me sound more rock but I dont think that I satisfied him…Even the name of the group had a blues spirit: Chameleon Blue.
We played only for 30 minutes! But it was like playing for hours…The time had stopped. The dream of a live performance came true. The desperate need of transferring a blues message through my guitar became reality…A message adressed to that lonely blues lover down in the audience. I was playing for him…

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