Are u 2 blues 2 die?

After one year of playing with Chameleon Blue I felt ready for the next step…The creation of a real blues group: “The 2 blues 2 die band”.It was a group were different personalities, from different music fields chose to make a blues and rock n roll group! And believe me it was not at all easy!

Our singer, Papias (The Duck) was such a talented and cool guy, with a deep and so blues voice! He played drums, the guitar, bass and whatever you can imagine! His performance at stage was a real spectacle! So active, so theatrical…so blues! He was a real showman…


Our guitarist Nick…is another story! A real jazz player with so much D E E P musical knowledge. We were playing the blues…and he gave to the group that jazz and funky color that was missing. But what I really liked to him was his “low” profile despite his incredible performance.

Lets talk now about our pianist…Angelos (…or ”Rambo”). Well, he was not at all a blues player. Being a fun of Whitesnake, Deep Purple and of 80’s, he was like a foreigner! However, he was a connective tissue agellos2b2d.jpgfor all of the rest. He is one of the funniest persons I have ever met…I still can not talk to him without laughing! I cannot forget his funny comments, when he saw for the first time our new drummer, Lazarus, a huge black guy. So, although his playing was compatible with a rock rather than a blues band, it was his incredible funny and pure attitude that made all of the rest to love him!

As regards with our drummer, Lazarus, I really do not know what to say. He was such a strange and mysterious guy! He came from USA to Greece…just to study medicine! His past was…as dark as his skin… Nevermind, his playing was very passionated and everyone got impressed by his stable tempo. He became symbol of our group…a black drummer in a damn blues band! That was perfect…The only thing that was not perfect at all, was his absence from quite a few rehearsals! He was never on time, he forgot when, where and what we were playing…Thanx God he at least came to our lives…

Who’s next? Oh yes, our Bass player…Andreas. Well, as I realized later his life was…just music. I still do not know in how many groups he played…Metal, rock, jazz he just played everything. He was district and always had studied our tracks. But he had also another great talent as a movie maker…

Another interesting…clinical case in our group is our sax player, Kostas. An“alternative” student of medicine, actually, the best student of medicine, who decided to explore blues pathways and get rid off the classic and jazz kostas-2b2d.jpgstuff that was listening, at least for a while. We were just colleagues but through our group we became good friends. The peak of our musical relation was when we presented together a radio program. It was a 1hour broadcast at UOC radio 96.7 fm plenty of blues and funky music!

And now…lets talk about the two attractive ladies of our group: Niki and Argyro.The first started her music career as a singer in our group…and the second finished her career as a medical student in such an alternative way! Niki, really loved being on stage, playing, shaking and singing in a sexy way that inspired you… Argyro, was gentle, moving silently in the back of the stage and attracting everyone with her flute…

Did i forgot anyone? I suppose no. We were not just a blues group…we were a blues, funky, rock n roll band..!


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